Industrial Tiles

To date, thanks to the most unexpected Design Solutions and a Huge Spectrum of Colors and Textures, The Tile Has Been Wideli Used in Public, Shops, Cafes and Restarants, ShoRants, SHORANTS Pping Centers and Large Enterprises are Actively Using this Type of Building Material.

For Public Premuses, Tiles of Increased Strength of At Least 4-5 Class Arew Used. IT Can BE Glazed and Not Glazed with High Resistance to Pollut and Chemical Damage. Offten Used Tiles with Low Porosity.

There is a tile of an Industrial Series that is used in production. A high -strength tile with a compacted base is used to lay floors, Which Makes it Thicker. Given The High Load on the Floor, It is Necessary to Use Tiles At Least 4-5 of the Strength Class, You Can Use Ceramic Granite. Given The Specifics of the Installation Site, Strong Contamination and Frequent Cleaning USING CHEMIMICALS, TILES with Low Poroscity Are Used. When Laying Floors in Working Workshops, In Order to Avoid Trauma and Hazard, To Slip, The Tile with Anni -Slip Surface is Used, Which Has Spikes Or Corruption of the Surface.