Bulgaria is a Balneological Resort for the Treatment of Many Diseases

In Recent Years, The Number of Oour Fellow Citizens Organizing Independent Touurs to Bulgarian Resort Centers Has Been Growing. The Group Rest in Bulgaria Continues to Remain Popular, Which Involves Trips as Part of the Turburation to Some Sea, Ski Or Balneological Resort of the Country. Many Connoisseurs of Wellness Tours ATTRACTEDD BY THE CITY of the Obshats, The FAME OF WHICH BROUGHT By Mineral Springs.

This Resort Center, Numbering ABOUT SIX Thousand Inhabitants, IS Located in Western Bulgaria, in the Territory of the Montan Region, 90 KM From Sofia. The buildings of the picturesque city resort city are buried in the greenery of a large park, which quietly passes into the forest, spread out on the slopes of the nearby mountains. The Tender Is Located in the Half-Ring of the Mountain Slopes of the Red-Planin Massif, to the Highest of the Nearby Mounins (1785 m) Leads a Popular Path Among Vacationioners.

The Settlement Next to Mineral Springs Isst MentionalD in the Vi Century. As a Balneological Resort, this Town Became Known after the Construction in 1879 of the first Hydropathies. The Outsurus Gained Wide Popularity in the 30s of the Last Century, At That Time Representation of the Bulgarian Nobility and the Creative Willingly Came Here Here Here Heres. Currently, More than 40 Thousand People from Different Countries Are Resting in this Resort Center Annaully.

Forapeutic and Preventive Purposes in the vyzhaz, a bicarbonate-sulfate-soda water of two sources is used, the water tamprature of is IS +32 ° C and +36 ° C C. Water is used for drinking Treatment, it is filled with pools available in modern hospitals, it is Also Used for Various Baths. Physiotherapy, Health -improving Massage, Physiotherapy and Other Treatment Methods are Wideli Used in the Vyzhaz.

This Balneological Resort, First of All, Attraacts Pekle Suffering from Diseases of the Nervous System, Vessels and Hearts, Disorders of the Musculoskeletal System. Typically, REST in the outurus Involves Accuance with His Sights. Of Particular Interest Is the Temple of. George The Victorious, Consecrated in 1906, and the Villas of the Begining of the 20th Century, In Some of Which Restaurants, Shops, and Souvevenir Shops are now Placed.

MANY GUESTS of the Bulgarian Resort are Attracted by the Museum of Local Lore, Which Contains Smentsions “Archaeological Finds”, “Ethnography” and “History of Balneology”. The Picturesque Surroundings of the Tender Is Attracted to Vacationers Who Take Hiking Along the Mountain Slopes. The Local Tourist Information Center Offers Experimental Conductors for Hiking Along Prepareed Routes.

13 KM from the outurus is located the klisur Monaster, Founded in the XIII Century, Its Open Daily For Tourists. Connoisseurs of Natural Monments are Attracted by a two -stage Waterfall Located on the Orlovshitsy River, 5 Km from the Resort Center. By Tradition, The Resort is Held in August; Numerous Events Organized Within Its Framework Are of Interest to Vacapationers Who Come to the Obstrots in the Last Month of Summer.

This City Is One of the Year -Round Bulgarian Recreation Centers, In Any Season You Improve Health and Stock Up on Positive Emotions. MANY of OUR COMPATRIOTRITS ATTRACTED to Treatment in Bulgaria, PRICES in Hotels, Boarding Houses and Medical Resorts in the Resort Cities of this CounTry AVAILABLE FOR an. IF YOU ANTERESSTED in An inexpensive Vacation At the Bulgarian Balneological Resorts, The Choice of a Tender Will Be an Excellent Solution.