Preparation of the Apartment for the Installation of Windows

FIRST of all, it is necessary to prepare for the Installation of Windows Regardless of Will Provide This Service – Private Employees Or Qualified Representates of the Profile Compie Any. Next, You must Definitely Remove the Curtains and EVERYTHING that is on the windowsill. It is ALSO WORTH FREING THE PASSAGE of WORNTERS FROM THE Access Door Directly to the Window Opening. It is to move Furniture from the place of work or transfer it to Another Room. This Will Help To Avoid Misunderstandings in the Form of Chips and Scratches. If this is not Possible, the Furniture and Floor SHOULD BE Covered with Plastic Film or Newspapers, SincE The Work Will Be Accompanied BY DUST and Garbage, and it is much easier to prevention than to Launder EVERYTHING ARUND. SINCE THE WORKERS Will Use Power Tools, and there is no Socket Near the Window, You Shound Take Care of the Extension Cord.

All these Simple Actions, You Performed in Advance, Will Reduce The Total Work Time. All Work Will Take ABOUT A DAY – Directly Installation of the Window and the Its Finish. SOME Companies Provide Services for the Removal of Old Windows and Garbage After Completion of Work, But for Thy Will Have to Pay Aditional. But the Workers Will Do It Much Faster and Better. You Just have to return EVERYTHING To Your PLACE.