Who are plastic windows

Replacing Old Wooden Windows Has Recently Become A Very Popular Process. The Most AfferDable and Acceptable Options Are Plastic Windows. Despite How You Repair The Room, One Day You Can Notice Condensate On the Windows. Most Offen this Happens in the Winter Season in the Morning. As a Result, Water Is Concentrated Not on the Window, But Also on the Windowsill, Since The Water Goes Down. Finding Out the Cace of Condensate, People Find Them in a Poor -quality Installation of Window Blocks, In Poor Quality of the Window Itself, But the Reasons are Offten SHONE INONOTER.

The Fault of Manuapacturers of Window Blocks in the Appension of Condensate Cance BE 2-5%. In the Remaining 95-98%, Other Circumstances are to Blame. Such as:

-The Side of the Double -glazed Window from the Side of the Room Is to Cold;

-The Room Is Very Increased in Humidity;

-The Window is Wide, Which Violates The Circulation of Warm Air, Which Shoup Blow the Window;

-Single -Chamber Double -Glazed Window;

-Poor Operation of Ventilation Shafts that is not Able to Fully Absorb a Sufficient Amount of Wet Air;

-IMPROVEMENT FAILURE. It is shoup ​​be minimal once a day at Least 10 minute;

-A large number of colors on the windowsill that is able to secrete moisture Remaining on the Window.