The Modernization of the Finnish Station Continues in. Petersburg

Secondly, The Modernization of the Finnish Station Includes the Creation of a Commercial Complex with Various Services on the Railway Station, The Total Area of ​​the Area Will Reach 0,000 KV/M: these are Hotel Complexes, Parking, Conference Centers that Ar Still Launched by Russia Railways and Nai Becjects OJSC. According to Various Expert Commissions, A Three-Star Hotel Object Near the Finnish Station in the Future Will Be In Demand Among Transit Passengers and Guests of the City of Stu. Petersburg, and the Installation of Intercoms is not a hindrance. Of Course, According to the Calculations of the Company’s Analysts, Retail Outlets Will Also Be in Demand, SincE The Purchassing Abilites of the Passing Are Very Large, Andre N Nedere N Nedere N Nedere N Andre ner n and There Are Nedere Nedere Nge Nge Nge Nge Nge Nge Nge Nge Nge Nge. O Other Shopping Centers Near. In Addition, The Station’s Premises are Also Reconstructed, The Area of ​​Which Reaches Approximatly 15,000 SQ/Meters. According to Preliminary Estimates, The Area of ​​Objects in the Project Will Be ABOUT 90,000 Square Meters. All Basic Projects Will BE Completed Before the End of the Current Year, Today is a Discussion and Processing of Information on the Development of InvestMents, THE FUNCTI Onaly of the Complex is Almost Completly Developed. To Finance Such a Large -scale Project, Not state, BUT ALSO BORROWED, As Well as the Money OF Private Involved. It is Planned that volume of Investments Will BeLlion Rubles.