The Type of Foundation and Material for Its Performance

The Foundation Is the Most Important Element of Any Building. The Durabiley and Stability of the Structure Largely Dependes on the Correctly Made. There are Many Varieties of the Foundation.

Basically, The Foundations Are Distinguished by How the Are Based on the Soil and the Type of Materials From Which They Are Made.

In the Form of Support, The Foundations are:

Columnar. This type of basy is the Cheapest and is used in the Construction of Small Structures. Used in soils of freezing.

Ribbon. In Turn, They Are Underground Walls or Reinforced Concrete and Cross Beams. Use Under Heavy Materials – Concrete, Stone.

SLAB. These are the foundations that area located under the Whole Building. Perfectly Serve on the Ground Freezing and Subsidence.

Pile-screw. This type is piles interconnected by a Concrete Plate or Grillage (Beam). UNFORTUNATELY, Pile Foundations, Althrow Reliable, Are Very Expensive.

Block or Prefabricated. Such Foundations are Collected from Ready -made Reinforced Concrete Blocks. USULLLY USED to Install Large Basements.

Basically, Such Types of Materials Arend for Foundation:





To Determine Which Type of Foundation and Material for Its Performance Is Suitable for Individual Construction, You Need to Know the Composition of the Soil and Calculate Axact Weig Ht of the Future Structure.